Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Just when I thought it was safe to go back...

...to work.

I've been going on about how being back at work will be good for my weight control, right? Well, darn it, they supply unlimited free Milo! Seems it's an Aussie thing - I'd only ever seen it in South Africa before (it's a kind of malty hot chocolate powder). I lurve Milo, and so does everyone else who grew up on it I reckon.

The taste (yes, I've just succumbed and made myself a cup) takes me back to being 5 years old on a cold winter's day, snugged up indoors with the rain running down the windows, and Mom having just given me and Sis steaming cups of Milo.

Curse you evil Bank! Why do you have to spoil your employees with decent free beverages?!

The only up-side is that my favourite way of having Milo - munching it dry directly from the tin - is probably not going to happen at my desk! Unless I end up working late on my own... hmmm.


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Canadian Girl said...

Milo sounds similar to the North American Ovaltine. I like the maltiness but wish it were more chocolatey. Using it for a Tim Tam Slam, however, is perfect! It balances the sweetness of the cookie.