Monday, 19 May 2008

Head Above Water

I've just finished the messiest chicken wrap ever at my desk. I ended up with a stack of tissues underneath it and still managed to spill some in my lap! I think next time I order one of those I will take it down to the harbour to eat instead, as it wasn't the most professional sight I'm sure! Yummy though. Now I'm too full...

The job is going well now - I finally overcame my learning curve. My manager reviewed my code today and was happy with it. It's not the easiest system to work with... and I've been thrown in the deep end and left to cope so it was a bit challenging. As I said to Milord over the weekend, if I wasn't pretty good at what I do, and if I didn't have as much experience as I do with all layers of programming, I'd have been stuffed. Yay me. I rock.

I think I am allergic to my wedding rings - how awful is that? Well, not the rings themselves as I don't think anyone is allergic to platinum and gold, but perhaps to the crud they collect and hold against my skin 24/7. To make the diamonds sparkle each one has a little hole behind it which picks up handcream and stuff, and every now and then I get a nasty rash which finally clears up and peels. Yick. I am trying to remember to soak them in antiseptic once a week, and that seems to be working.

This week we should begin the major work on our house. Our handyman lifted some of the flooring last week and we have a bit of a damp problem down there, so it's going to be a bigger job than expected as we have to replace joists and bearers and stuff. We are building a proper bathroom in the middle of the house next to the bedrooms to replace the icky toilet and shower out back. And we're knocking together the kitchen, dining room and lounge to create an airy living room. Then we will move in and try to scrape up enough money to install a kitchen and extend the back of the house by a couple of meters. We'll be sort of camping in there for a while I reckon! I don't mind provided the floor is down and the house is weatherproof... you can put up with a lot provided the bathroom and bedroom is ok, right? Right?

I hate to think what this is all going to cost! We're supposed to be starting a family, but the thought of being out of work with a baby when we are in a such a financial fix is proving a major turn-off!

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Canadian Girl said...

Mmm, that chicken wrap description has me drooling. Yum.

The rash under your wedding rings is likely from the moisture being trapped (hand washing, lotion, etc.). Your finger should toughen up in a few weeks.

Good luck with the renovations! If you can set up a microwave, electric skillet and small fridge somewhere while the renovations are underway, you'll do fine. You can do dishes in the bathroom sink (or be environmentally unfriendly for a short period and use paper plates). It's only truly awful when the water mains are shut off during the plumbing work.