Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Morning Walk

As I've mentioned before, I walk to work most mornings lately if I can.

And boy do I need the exercise - I've been steadily gaining weight again and I have crept back up to where I was in February! I joined a new gym close to work yesterday so hopefully that will help me get things back under control.

This is my route. It is about 4.5km and takes me just under an hour at a gentle pace. I have been known to jog it in 30min. By the way, if you look at the bottom left of the map you will see a suburb called Marrickville - that's where our new house is. It's going to be too far to walk, so maybe I'll catch a bus halfway and walk the rest when the time comes...

After about 10 minutes of walking through narrow streets crammed with tiny houses I come to a big road crossed by a pedestrian bridge. This is my view on the pedestrian bridge. That's the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the distance to the left - the Opera House is out of sight around to the right. The gorgeous suspension bridge is the Anzac Bridge, and there is a walkway/cycle path on it that I use.

If you look carefully here you can see two sculptures of soldiers flanking this side of the Anzac Bridge. One represents an Australian soldier and the other a New Zealand soldier, and the whole thing is a memorial to the men who fell in Gallipoli in Turkey during a botched landing in WW1. Anzac Day is a big thing over here - much bigger than Rememberance Day. Look at that traffic - it was really bad this morning - it was good not to be in a bus today.

Loads of people use this path on the bridge to walk or cycle to work. I take it pretty easy in the mornings, so everyone passes me and I get to ogle lots of bums in cycling shorts.

The view from the middle of the bridge is rather good. Here is the Sydney Harbour bridge again with the sun rising behind it.

The Anzac Bridge even looks good underneath I think:

Then I make my way along through Pyrmont to Darling Harbour, where an old road bridge has been pedestrianised, and that takes me into the heart of the city. This is the Pyrmont pedestrian bridge... the structure above me carries the funny little monorail they built as a Millenium project in Sydney. Don't bother going on it, it doesn't go anywhere near the things you actually want to see as a tourist, and is a waste of money - apart from this stretch across the bridge it doesn't even have interesting views!

Once over that bridge it is a 5 minute walk through the city to my office block.

I listen to classical music on the way in in the morning - ABC radio has a lady DJ on in the morning with the most honeyed voice, and she plays some really interesting classics. What a chilled out way to start the day.

So what's your route to work like? If you post about it leave a comment here and I'll come over for a look.


Suzanne said...

That sounds like a pleasant walk. Great scenery and great music to enjoy.

My job is that distance as well, but I don't have sidewalks along the highway and it's not a pretty route. I'll be riding the bicycle pretty soon.

John said...

Is it too blatant to say this is us? ABC Classic FM! We love that you love us, and that we are doing what we set out to do, i.e. promote classical music AND persuade you of how nice it is to start your day this way. Check us out www.abc.net.au/classic and there is lots there to explore. We have heaps of concerts that we ourselves record, (600 a year!), jazz programs each week, feature programs on how music works, and we love to hear from listeners and people who use us to add meaning to their lives. Must be good! And no on air advertising to boot. My own journey to work is much less interesting than yours. I come from the inner city and go to the inner city, and it is all very much city-scapes and cars.

Saffa Chick said...

Hmm, someone at ABC classic googles the station I see. Cool job John! And in general I do enjoy the programming. The lady in the morning (Emma Ayres apparently http://www.abc.net.au/classic/breakfast/) is just my cup of tea, but Milord and I often end up on the classic station when we are driving because we get sick of adverts and blithering DJs. Keep it up guys!