Thursday, 8 May 2008

Mother of the Bride

Back in January I rang Mom to tell her the glad news of our engagement. She was thrilled of course, but then I believe that she went into immediate panic...

...about what she should wear.

Mom, the same as me, has struggled with her weight for yonks. She's never been huge, but she's been... mmm... well covered... from time to time. And being half a head shorter than me she can't get away with quite as much... coverage... as I can! So, faced with prospect of of a dress-up occasion she went into serious trim-mode. She did fabulously!

Plus she found the most amazing dress! Phwoar.

Mom has superb boobies. They seem to have skipped a generation (which I don't really mind, as I hear living with big boobies is not easy, but anyway). She rang me in delight wen she found her "mother-of-the-bride" dress. "It's blue, and sequinned, with shoestring straps! I'm looking for silver sandals to go with it!" she cried.


But check this out:

Milord leant over to me during the evening and said "Where'd those come from?!". Mom doesn't often get her girlies out, she usually wears large shirts to disguise them, but I think they had a good outing that day. She was a show-stopper!

And Sis (in the sexy turquoise) looked fab too! Well done Saffa family! Of couse BestGirl always looks divine, and Kat totally works the lilac floral number.

You go girls!

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