Monday, 2 May 2011

22 Weeks

...and 4 days. I'm pretty slack with these aren't I?!

Weight at conception: 74.5kg
Weight at 22 weeks: 72.5kg
Loss/Gain since last week: 0.7kg
Total Loss/Gain: -2kg

Waist: 95cm

It's hard to believe I'm actually 2kg lighter than when I fell pregnant! I don't particularly enjoy pregnancy but my body loves it - healthy eating and most of the calories being burned up with creating a new person. It's certainly not being burned up in exercise - I'm just too tired to blog never mind exercise!

I eat well and I don't really watch what I eat, although I try to avoid junk. I find I can't eat much at one go though - my stomach is too squashed and I get full quickly, and if I overeat I get horrid indigestion so there is no point!

I've got quite a bump now, and I'm close to the stage where I begin hitting things with it. And I can't squeeze past anything either - it's all solid!

I feel pretty good in spite of the tired. I'm sleeping well and the nosebleeds have stopped. Luckily Princess is an easy baby to look after - she'll play with books and toys (and watch telly - oops bad mummy) for a good part of the day. We walk to the local park and rough-and-tumble on the bed a few times a day, which is about my limit! My bump isn't stopping me doing anything yet, although my lap is getting smaller.

I'm almost exactly the weight I was at this stage with Princess, and my bump is only 3cm bigger than it was... considering I started off 4cm bigger at 13 weeks that's acceptable.

I'm positive Zeus is wrigglier than Princess was - Milord has felt him kicking already! Either that or we know what to feel for this time...

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