Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Day!

It is my second Mother's Day!

Milord spoiled me by letting me read my book in bed with a coffee while he got up with Princess, then he took her to the shops and came home with croissants and flowers. He also picked up Asian chicken rolls for lunch and has prepared us a Hungarian goulash which is now simmering in the slow cooker... it smells awesome.

In the afternoon we all went to the park and played around for a bit. In a little while Princess will have her dinner and bath and then it's bedtime.

It's been a lovely lazy day!

Yes, her fringe is in her eyes but she won't wear a hairclip and I don't want to cut it! Oh well...


waterbob said...

It looks as if the baby chubbiness is well gone now and the stringy family genes are starting to kick in. It sounds as though your famly is doing well and you all look so happy too!!!

greytonsal said...

A lovely mother's day and super photos. Lovely to see Princess walking up and down the street to the park! Bet she loves it. Now to get her confident that she can walk unaided! Only takes a few steps and there will be no holding her. Lovely, happy snap shots of your life. Love them!

Kat said...

I love the first pic of princess with her daddy - gorgeous!