Tuesday, 17 May 2011

24 Weeks

...in fact nearly 25 weeks. In a week and a bit I'll be at 26 weeks and into the Third Trimester countdown. I'm looking forward it sort of - I have a list of things I want to start doing in the Third Trimester like the prenatal exercise DVDs that are gathering dust, and the raspberry leaf tea, and collecting and organising baby boy clothes and blankets and wraps, and finding my nursing pillow and breast pump and stuff.

Nesting I suppose you might call it! There is no reason I can't do this stuff now, except that the Third Trimester feels less jinxy... I don't think you ever stop worrying about the pregnancy until the baby is safely out. And then you get to worry about the baby forever!

I'm very well. I'm less tired than I have been, although my bump is starting to affect my life. I now sleep with a body pillow, which is very comfy because it counters the belly-weight, but it also means I don't move for hours at a time and wake up very achy! I can no longer sleep on my front, which I miss a lot, and I'm not supposed to sleep on my back because the baby weight constricts major arteries, so I roll from side to side every couple of hours when I wake up to wee.

Oh yes, the weeing every couple of hours has arrived too. Day trips are planned around toilet availability, and several park visits have been cut short because "Mummy needs to go home for a wee"!

The way I play with Princess is getting gentler all the time - I don't have the core muscles to rough and tumble properly anymore. Riding my hip is more like riding my bump, and getting up off the floor is getting harder, especially if Princess is in my arms!

Weight: 73.5kg

I am the exact same weight that I was at 24 weeks with Princess! Amazing.

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waterbob said...

Great to hear that you are feeling well and that things are moving along as planned. Aren't we due a progress pic about now or is that just a Dad missing a daughter?