Monday, 25 April 2011

21 Weeks

...and 4 days. I've been very tired lately, and blogging is just not on the radar! I'm sleeping at least 8 hours a night, but I still need a nap most days - maybe Zeus is going through a growth spurt.

Weight now 71.8kg - we're growing gently ;-)

What else? I've been getting some bad nosebleeds, generally when I'm asleep, which is gross. None for over a week now thank goodness.

Oh and I can feel Zeus moving now - I'm sure I feel him more than I did Princess! I can even feel a nudge or two from the outside when he's very squirmy.


waterbob said...

Sadly you are going to get even wearier as time moves along - and Grace gets more demanding! I hope you are getting joy and balance from the moment and the life within and around you. And I'll bet you can't wait for your Mom to get back. How's the Big Guy handling?

Greytonsal said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling so tired, but at least Grace is letting you get a good night's sleep, unlike other children we know! The time will fly and Zeus will be playing football inside you by the end! He will not be a little delicate graceful child like Grace! Only 4 months and I will there with you again. Can't wait to be with my girls again! Lots of love to you all.