Monday, 2 May 2011

Princess Update

Hmm, it's been a while since I wrote detail about #1 child! I almost don't know where to begin - she's developing so fast. She is now 20 months old, just past 1 and a half.

Princess can count to 10 (with a little help here and there) and can recognise all the numbers: "On, Too, Free, Foh, Fife, Sick, Senen, It, Nnn, Tin!"

She's recognising some letters of the alphabet too, although not in any sequence. K and X, E and F, O and Q get mixed up and C is "moon!" but we're still completely stunned that she's even attempting letters already! When we are out and about there will be a shout of "Mmm! Mmm!" or "Foh! Foh!" and I have to look around to find where she's spotted an M or a 4!

Princess is close to getting the right shapes into the right holes of the shape toy thingy... Actually she gets the match right most of the time, she just needs to work out how to twiddle the shape so that it falls through. The same goes for her Postman Pat wood puzzle.

She's obsessed with books. She'll pull her board books out of the bookshelf and "read" them to herself ("Bunny... burble burble... hop... Burble... box... cuddle!") for ages, or slide them to me across the floor so that I can read them to her. At bedtime we read her several books and as each one finishes she says "More book?" hopefully.

Princess' speaking is awesome - she has definite sentences now. "More bikkit! Walk park? Truck gone! Read book!" It's great that she can communicate - the other day she got her foot caught in the highchair and started grumbling: "What's the matter baby?" "Foot!"

Of course she can also say "No" to all sorts of things now, and attempt to argue with me. She can throw a tantrum with the best of them when she feels like it, and mummy is the one who catches the brunt of all the boundary testing. I've read that this is because she trusts me to always be there no matter what, so I'm trying to find it flattering that I'm the only one she fights during a messy bum change! When Princess is in the mood to fight her nappy I usually hold her shoulders down and say "Stop it" repeatedly until she gives up (and howls but lets me change her bum). Funnily enough this week she's started yelling "Stoppit! Stoppit!" as I lift her up for a nappy change if she's in the mood for a struggle... nice to have advance warning!

Princess has also bitten me deliberately for the first time last week. It's been coming for a long time - she's bared her teeth at my arm or hand when having a tantrum but always stopped short when warned... Well, last week she got me a good one on the upper arm. That's the first time she's ever been truly yelled at too! It startled the heck out of her and she had a good howl and hasn't tried it seriously since although she thinks about it... "Nooo. Noo bitin."

In general though she's the most placid and sweet-natured kid imaginable.

Princess isn't walking unaided yet, but she'll go for miles holding onto fingers or in her walker. The physio lent us a special walker (which looks a Zimmer frame!) that is brilliant and she'll walk to the local park 4 houses down and all around it and home again quite happily. In fact it's jolly hard to get her to stop, even when you know she's knackered! "Are you tired baby? Want to get down?" "Noo! Walk!"

She's developing strength in her walking muscles, and now just needs to get the hang of balance. It's coming, and hopefully she'll be walking well by the time her brother turns up!


Suzanne said...

It's usual for babies with spectacular language to be delayed in the mobility, but I see she's got a spiffy walker to get her moving.

I love the pictures you post, she's such a happy girl!

waterbob said...

Great to get the fix and to see the progress. Thanks for the pics and I hope the second wind comes soon. Running on empty is never fun even when you have Miss Delight to brighten the days.

greytonsal said...

Lovely photos, thanks. I see you cracked and bought the balls! Can't wait to join in bath time again!