Sunday, 17 October 2010

Princess Update

First words (by which I mean used in context without prompting):
"vah-vah" = water/thirsty (or anything in a bottle, including sunscreen!)
"ffff" = food ("Are you hungry, baby?" "Ffffff!")
"gook" = book

Princess obviously mimics all sorts of other words, but these are the ones I've definitely seen her use, unprompted, in relation to objects. She does the occasional "Dada!" on spotting Milord, especially first thing in the morning, but is still resisting anything remotely like "Mama"! StepMom was "Gah-gah" (Granny) and my Dad was "Bo" (Grandpa Bob)... but only when they weren't listening! The moment people gather round and try to get Princess to say their name she won't do it!

Princess is still not crawling or cruising, but she can inch-worm backwards (very frustrating for her!) and can roll around the room if she feels like it. She can now get from sitting to her tummy in a controlled manner, and stands very well with a bit of help with balance.

I was getting a little concerned at Princess' lack of mobility, so at her 12 month checkup we were referred to the baby physiotherapist. This is a lovely young lady who basically plays with Princess for an hour, getting her onto all fours, or to sit up from lying down, or to lie down from sitting. Then I go home and attempt the same - to a lot more complaint - for a couple of weeks before we go back again. The physio says she is happy with Princess' progress, which is a weight off my mind.

While Princess is still a sunny, placid baby, she is developing a temper when she can't have her way. She has also decided that pinching Mummy (ow!) is very funny. Luckily she's not biting for effect yet like some of the other babies in my Mother's Group! I'm keeping her fingernails extremely short and trying to ignore the surprisingly painful pinching on my exposed chest and arms, as the less I react the less she pinches.

Our newest communication is blowing kisses... I have got to try to catch it on video as it's the cutest thing! Also, peekaboo using her hands over her eyes when she doesn't have a cloth to hide behind.

What else? We are back to 2 short naps a day, Princess eats anything although I haven't tried her on egg for ages, and her second bottom right incisor has appeared.


waterbob said...

Keep the Princess details coming. I can't tell you how much I'm missing that kid. Waking up is not the same without that 'Ga ga GA GA!!!'echoing round the house.

greytonsal said...

Love all the news, words, teeth etc. Princess is developing all the time - pinching, hmmm, why do they all want to bite and pinch! To get a reaction I guess, so good on you to ignore her. Can't wait to meet her again and take part in all the fun!

Anonymous said...

Mom said u took time do things as a baby. U used bite me! She sounds like u used b as a baby.