Monday, 25 October 2010

Bad Poems

While reading a recent post by Maleesha, where she posts rediscovered childhood poetry, I remembered that I too had some old poems lying around.

In my final year of school and my first year of art college I was rather into writing poems. I thought they were pretty good at the time. Some of them are really broken-hearted/bitchy stuff about boys - whose names and faces escape me now. Ah, youth - it was all so intense back then. I wouldn't relive my teens and early twenties for anything!

I think I'll post some of these old poems per week, for your amusement!

This is [the only] one that Mom thought was good enough to print out and hang on her office wall:

Hot sun shining in a dazzle,
Splash of brill’ance to the eye.
Gleaming interplay of colours,
Ripples flash beneath the sky.

Green leaves rustle in the treetops,
Branches tossing to and fro;
Roots are tugging, pulling, straining
Deep within damp soil below.

Leaves are falling, twisting, turning
To the water, crystal clear.
Lapping wavelets bear them gently
Where the winds of chance may steer.

‘Neath the shimmer of the surface
Calm does everything enfold.
Light is filtered, soft and soothing,
Dappl’ing forms in green and gold.

Downward, gliding to the lakebed,
All grows dimmer, twilight land.
Tangled in thin strands of plant growth
World of mystery; free, unplanned.

Through this atmosphere of quiet
Eddies sigh their steady way,
Always bending, never breaking,
Life through movement, constant sway.

In this swirling, watchful, silence
Thoughts are loud, ideas whole.
Far away from hate and turmoil
Reach inside and touch your soul.

June 1989

I obviously had a thing about meter. Still do, actually.


Janey said...

Beautiful poem, and I do so agree about meter.

waterbob said...

Good one chick.

maleesha said...


Kat said...

:) I seem to remember going through a poetry phase too....not sure I'd be brave enough to blog mine though!! Colleague just jetted off to Oz today on hols ... I was feeling jealous!

greytonsal said...

Still good enough to hang on my wall!