Saturday, 16 October 2010

Manflu Central

Milord has the lurgy - so far Princess and I seem immune. It is so nice that she doesn't catch every cold under creation any more!

Milord is not a bad patient as such - no whining - but golly he's a bear with a sore head when the meds wear off! (ah, that reminds me ...gets up to feed Milord more cold remedy...)

I have also been re-braining my computer, which wasn't as easy as it should have been. So I've lost a couple of days there!

There was a major storm system bearing down on Sydney since Thursday. A huge cold front up from Antarctica mixed with wet tropical air and swept across Australia, dumping heavy rain with high winds, and was due to hit here yesterday. I was quite looking forward to it as we have a newly renovated cosy little house. I stocked up on wine, snacks and pork roast, and watched the weather channel with interest.

...and... it missed us! Flooding and storms everywhere except Sydney - we had a cloudy balmy breezy day yesterday. I had to go out this morning and thoroughly water my flowerbeds as they were parched (I'd turned off the automatic irrigation in anticipation of lots of rain). It is a bit chilly outside though.

Milord has been parked in front of the telly all day... news, sport, xbox, yawn. Princess plays on the mat at his feet, squawking for attention when her container-of-items-to-fling-around-the-room is empty, or she can't reach something. In general she's the easiest kid to entertain though!

Right, computer is back online. Where's the post about the first words got to...?


greytonsal said...

Yes, where is more information about the 'first words'? You have left us all in suspense and gagging for more news! Nice to have you back on line though, missed your regular posts whilst you have been so busy. More photos please of our Princess. Get better soon Daddy!

waterbob said...

Gosh you must be glad to have the house to yourselves as the lurgy struck. Our best wishes to the big guy and hope the germs miss you as he heals.

Kat said...

Hope milord feels better soon!