Sunday, 24 October 2010

It's been quite a week

Another tooth, learning to clap, playing in the park, and the first visit to a swimming pool this year!

Too cute!

Princess has had her eighth tooth arrive this week. It is the second bottom left incisor - so now she is "balanced" again. Like the previous tooth there was very little drama, just a week or so of wanting to gnaw on things. It's just clearing the gum-line at the moment, so Milord can't see it without his glasses on yet!

I've been trying to get back into some semblance of a routine now that my beloved houseguests have gone home and Milord and I are over our colds (I caught a mild version of his ManFlu, but luckily Princess was fine). If it is a nice day I will go for a walk once Princess has had breakfast, then do some tummy exercises during her nap. I'm keeping a food diary and trying to keep under 20 Weightwatcher points a day Mon-Thurs, and we're also avoiding booze on those days.

Happily I only gained 1kg while Dad and StepMom were here, so that should be easy to get off again... and then to work on the other 4kg I've been trying to lose for a year!

Often my walks will involve stopping at a playground, as Princess now enjoys the swings and seesaws. There is even a small slide at one park where I can (while straddling the slide) sit her at the top, take her hands and help/pull her down the slippery bit! I think she enjoys it...

Yes, she is in her PJs. It's quite early in the morning!

During the week Princess and I traveled into the City for me to have a haircut. I left her with Milord at his office while I went for my cut, and she charmed everyone! My hairdresser got a bit carried away when I said I'd like my hair a little shorter than usual for summer, but it will look alright in a couple of weeks I hope...

Friday was a stunning day, so I gathered up towels and cozzies and took a walk to our nearest public pool - 45 min away (the nearer one is under reconstruction). First Princess and I played in the super-shallow baby pool, then I took her into the big pool for a little bit. I have taught her to close her eyes and hold her breath when I pour water over her head, and now we are working on her doing the same when "gliding" on her front... She seemed to enjoy herself, but then she got very cold. I felt like a terrible mummy as it took her ages to warm up, even dressed in several layers! I now have a blanket packed in the pool bag!

Yesterday was gorgeous weather again and Milord was keen on a pool visit too, so we headed back to the swimming pool - only to find it closed indefinitely for renovation! Seems it's been leaking badly... so now I have no nearby public pool until the end of November. Eeek. I've just bought a huge paddling pool off eBay!

Today is Sunday, and the weather is filthy. Blustery rain, and lots of it... our raintanks must be filling up nicely. Milord is playing xbox, Princess is having a nap and I am catching up on blogdom. My suburb is having a street festival today - oh dear! If it clears up we may take a walk up the road for a look - there are supposed to be bands, art displays, food stalls etc. I guess it won't be too crowded this year!


Anonymous said...

Hugs & kisses. Cait

waterbob said...

Damn! More good stuff happening just after we leave. Perhaps next year. Ths handclapping and word learning seem to be coming on fast too. What a great kid!

greytonsal said...

So cute and so clever! Hope she still has things to learn when I get there! Maybe singing!! Hmm, maybe not!