Friday, 16 October 2009

Princess Update

Princess is 6 weeks old! This is supposed to be a major milestone, after which this motherhood thing gets easier, less tiring and more fun.

...I'm still waiting.

Oh, parenthood is awesome, it just can't be called "fun" yet. I can't wait until Princess recognises me and smiles, or the random arm swinging becomes deliberate reaching for things. She is doing the odd long sleep at night, and on Wednesday she slept from 11pm to 6am which I reckon counts as "sleeping through". Of course since then she's back to a maximum of 4 hours sleep, or 3 hours like last night. Oh well. It will come.

I'm finding the boob/formula routine I've worked out to be a good thing. I breastfeed at dawn and dusk, when there is no rush to get out or go back to sleep. Because we have to drain both boobs and then follow with half a bottle it takes ages! The rest of the time she drinks a bottle in about 20min, which I can do anywhere at the drop of a hat.

I hear folk say bottle feeding is a pain because of sterilising and heating and mixing... I haven't found it a problem though. I have 4 bottles so there is always at least one ready for use, pre-filled with boiled water. My microwave sterilises in 3 minutes and heats the water in 30 sec. If I go out I take boiling hot water in a bottle inside a beer cooler (!) and when Princess needs it it is usually still warm and I throw in a sachet of formula and shake. Not that she's fussy about such things - I got caught out and fed her a cold bottle the other day and she didn't mind at all!

I have the best husband in the world!

Last weekend he volunteered to do the night feeds on Friday and Saturday nights. We still get up together and I change Princess while Milord readies himself and the formula, I deliver her to him and I go. back. to. sleep! This gives me an extra hour's sleep per feeding cycle and it is the best present a girl could wish for. A friend asked why we get up together at all - the person feeding should do the lot. I disagree. We both wake up when Princess cries anyway, and it means a lot to the feeder to have Princess changed and comforted while they have a chance to have a wee, pour a glass of water, heat the formula, find the TV remote and the burp cloth, and settle into the armchair.

Plus doing it all in the middle of the night is very lonely. I've done it a couple of times when Milord was exhausted and needed a solid night's sleep, and it's a bit miserable - especially when you forget the remote out of reach!

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waterbob said...

Fabulous faces! it's great trying to do the 'she looks like' and I see your sister and her Dad in some of the expressions this time.