Thursday, 1 October 2009

Hospital Bag Revisited

Before Princess' arrival I listed what I was planning to take to hospital for labour and 4 night's stay (the norm in Oz). Here is how I went with what we took.

Oh and... if you are anywhere near 37 weeks - pack your bag! If mine hadn't been 95% packed I'd have been useless at organising it at 1am when my waters broke at 38 weeks!

I didn't eat any sweets or snacks during labour, but I had an epidural and they served us proper meals so I didn't need them. All my mommy friends who laboured without drugs said they only felt like sweets because they were nauseous. Me? I was hungry and totally enjoyed my food!


  • Birth Plan. no - we deviated from plan from word go so there was no point!

  • Ante Natal Card. yes

  • Medicare Card. yes

  • Lip Balm. yes

  • Water bottle. yes

  • Juice. yes

  • Sweets. no (see above)

  • Snack bars. no (see above)

  • Chocolate. no (see above)

  • Big t-shirt. no - I used a hospital gown - I had to for the epidural and it didn't bother me to be "dressed like a patient"

  • Milord's snacks. no (see above)

  • Milord's swim trunks so he can join me in the shower/bath. no - we skipped that part!

  • Games. no - forgot

  • Books. yes

  • Camera. yes

Post Labour:
  • Champagne (yeah baby!). hadn't organised this yet... *sigh* would have been nice actually

  • Chocolate. no - didn't fancy it

  • Bras. no - couldn't be arsed

  • PJs. no - I went with yoga pants and comfy breastfeeding tops instead

  • Slippers. no - I took flipflips instead

  • Dressing Gown. yes

  • Cheap chuckable panties. YES! I'm still in these as my usual panties don't take pads very well. I never messed, so buy a decent selection of pad-friendly panties as you'll be in them for a while.

  • Maternity Pads. yes

  • Breast Pads. yes, but only once my milk came in

  • Nipple cream. yes

  • Nipple shields (just in case). didn't need

  • Toiletries. yes

  • Hair Dryer. yes

  • Squeezy water bottle to wash down there. didn't need

  • Own pillows. YES

  • Glasses. yes

  • Vitamins. forgot

  • Panadol. forgot, but could ask for it

  • Baby nail scissors. NO! Their nails are microscopic - I use an emery board instead

  • Laptop. yes

  • Speakers. yes

  • Internet USB stick. YES

  • Headphones. no

  • Camera. yes (duh)

  • Phones. yes

  • Phone/camera/laptop chargers. yes

  • Books. yes

  • Earplugs (for when Milord takes baby for a long walk). yes *shrugs*

  • Vaseline. no

  • Dummy (just in case). YES - this saved our sanity on night 3

  • Clothes SaffaChick and Milord. yes, although I didn't change from my yoga pants and top much

  • Coming home outfit and wrap - baby (2 just in case). yes

Anything missed?

Breastfeeding pillow (I have the "My Brest Friend" pillow which straps around your body so it doesn't slide away, and is a brilliant support for the baby and your arms)

Champagne! No matter what time your baby arrives, once you've done the first feed you DESERVE that glass of champers!!!

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waterbob said...

Good post chick - I'd been wondering how the planning had turned out in reality. Just as well you had packed in anticipation.