Thursday, 23 October 2008

Whitsundays Holiday - Part 1

We flew from Sydney at 7am, landing two and a half hours later on Hamilton Island at 8:30am (Queensland does not do daylight saving!). We made our way to the marina, to be told that our boat had not turned up yet, so we left our bags and browsed around the waterfront. It was a lovely day, warm and sunny with scattered clouds.

At 10am our boat finally arrived in the marina (1), and we went aboard to meet our "briefer", who gave us a quick rundown of the boat, discussed our sailing plans, and took us out on the water to check Milord’s sailing prowess. We got rid of him at about 11:30 and headed off to sea with a couple of cold beers.

This is the living area of the boat looking forward – a 41foot Beneteau monohull. There are 3 double cabins – one in the bow and 2 aft. There are 2 toilet/showers, an electric fridge, gas stove, cd player, electric lights, and a gas barbeque on deck - just perfect for two people!

I had sent the charter company a list of provisions and it was all aboard, packed neatly into cupboards and fridge, including a decent amount of beer and wine. Fab.

We went north, with a following south-east wind which was perfect for easy sailing.

By mid afternoon we were anchored in the lee of Whitsunday Island, in a very sheltered bay called Cid Harbour (2). I rustled us up a late lunch of cheeses, salami, ham and French bread, and we opened a bottle of cold white wine and relaxed in the shade of the awning over the back of the boat. When we got hot we stepped overboard for a swim, and as night fell we had hot showers then cooked up T-bone steaks with stir fried vegetables.

Then to bed in crisp sheets watching the moonlight in the clouds through the skylight…

...continued here.


Suzanne said...

That looks positively delightful! Did you do any fishing?

Saffa Chick said...

No fishing on this trip, although you can fish in the non-protected parts of the area...