Thursday, 9 October 2008

2 Working Days...

...and I'm on holiday!

Yay! I need it too, I've been working 12-hour days lately, which is why you haven't heard much from me. Our deadline is Friday.

On Friday afternoon I will be leaving work early to go to a wedding, Saturday is the "recovery barbeque" (seems to be an Aussie thing), and first thing Sunday we fly up the coast to here to go sailing for a week. Oh I can't wait!

Speaking of weddings, last weekend we went to a wedding in the Hunter Valley, a wine region 2 hours north of Sydney. It rained all weekend but stopped for the ceremony and the barbeque the next day, which was lucky. Milord somehow managed to lose 3kg (6 pounds) in a week to be able to do up his suit pants on the day! I wonder if he's kept it off for this weekend's wedding?

The ceremony and reception were held at a little vineyard called Tallavera Grove, overlooking a valley of wet green vines. I liked the flowers hanging in glass decorating things.

Here we are all glamorous (and shiny - note to self, carry powder!). I lurve the red dress, and it will be getting another outing this weekend too!

The wedding was at midday, followed by lunch and so on, and we left the venue at dusk. By this point I had had far too much to drink, so Milord and I headed back to our accommodation for a lie down. I woke up at midnight fully clothed with the lights on, cleaned my teeth and removed my makeup and went back to bed! I think I slept through most of my hangover which was brilliant.

We had brunch with a friend in the area, and her cactus was flowering:

Then we went to the home of the wedding couple for a barbeque. They had roasts on a spit and a band and DJ and unlimited booze. It was a good party, but we grabbed the offer of a lift at about 7pm and had another early night. I hear the party carried on until the early hours and everyone looked very rough when we popped by the next day to fetch our car!

This sheep is actually an icebox:

At some point in the weekend Milord and I passed our 6th montheversary too. That went fast!

Last night was the stag/hen night of the couple getting married on Friday. The hen night was pretty sedate - I got there a couple of hours late anyway because of work so didn't I drink much - and I was home in bed by 11. Not so the stags! Milord got in at 3:30am after about 6 pubs and clubs, slurring and stinky and obnoxious (although it's possible that anyone would be obnoxious at 3:30am). At 4:30am I moved onto the couch to get away from the stinky snoring, and when I snuck into the bedroom to get my shoes to leave for work this morning the fumes nearly knocked me down!

I'm pretty sure he won't be feeling good today!

Right, better get back to work. If you don't hear from me before the weekend I probably won't get a chance to post again until I get. back. from. sailing.... woohoo!


Suzanne said...

You both look dashing! Sounds like a great weekend-and I want that cooler!

If you don't get back before, enjoy the holiday!

Kat said...

Have a fab holiday!