Monday, 27 October 2008

Lazy Weekend

I'm busy busy busy at work... so busy in fact that I decided to come in for a few hours on the weekend to get ahead. Milord dropped me off just before 10am on Saturday and I bleeped my way into the building, then hopped in the lift and waved my pass across the sensor to go to level 25.

*bleep* Lift ignores me.
*bleep* Lift ignores me.
*bleep* Lift ignores me.

Aargh - my access has not been updated since I moved floors! I manage to get to level 21 where I used to sit, and wander the floor asking people if they can get me to level 25. No luck. I ring my manager at home and she tells me no one else of my team is in and she can't help me.

So I went back to the ground floor, crossed the road to the supermarket and did my weekend shopping, and caught a bus home after ringing Milord to tell him I didn't need fetching.

The rest of the day was spent like this:

Sipping wine on ice under the big umbrella while reading the newspapers. This is the best angle of my backyard.

Sadly it actually looks like this.

And this. Rather revolting really, but we can't do anything about it until our finances recover - probably next year!

Most of the planes pass to the side of our house.

But the odd one comes right overhead!

And this is what happens when you send your spouse out shopping for nibbles at the asian supermarket:

Rather peculiar!

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Tink said...

Wasabi covered anchovies?! Ewwwww. Lol.