Monday, 20 October 2008

Back from Paradise

We are home after an idyllic week sailing around the tropical islands called the Whitsundays (because they were discovered by James Cook on Whit Sunday in 1770). We had every kind of weather including rain and wind, but also enough sun to accidentally get quite a tan!

I’m going to try to do a detailed blog series about our trip, because I couldn’t find anything on the blogs about sailing a hired yacht around the Whitsundays and I think it could be useful and informative for anyone out there who is contemplating it.

In the meantime though, I am trying to get my head back into work mode, while my desk bobs in front of me… I get a sort of sea-echo for a week after I get off a boat, and my body tells me everything is moving slightly as if it’s floating!

I love this photo - it says it all! It would make a good ad for Billabong, don't you agree?


Kat said...

I was about to say I loved the photo.. then scrolled down and saw that's what you wrote too! Glad you had such a super time - as good as the last time or better? Paul and I were just thinking that this time last year we were in Oz! How time does fly...I think today last year might have been the day we went Whale watching in Eden actually! Sigh....

Saffa Chick said...

Hi Kat... yes time flies. We were just looking at photos of your visit!

This time was... both better and not as good. Hard to describe - last time I was so afraid of having a horrible time that an ok time was marvelous so it was all fab. This time I was expecting a good time so any annoyances were really annoying!

On the whole though - we have dubbed it our second honeymoon because it was that good ;-)

Tink said...

At the very least it should be a postcard!