Monday, 4 June 2007


I'm rather bored at work again. We don't have much to do except write unit tests, and I'm trying to make 5 tests last me all week when I could bang them out in a couple of hours! Hopefully Milord will be passing this way on his silver steed to rescue me soon.

I came across a personality quiz while reading other folk's blogs today to determine which Star Trek character you are, but I ended up as Beverly Crusher whom I'd never heard of. I stopped watching Star Trek a long time ago!

I am however a Lord of the Rings geek, so I had a go at the LOTR test. The first go said I was a Legolas, which is pretty cool. I tried it a second time and ended up as Sam, which is less cool but you couldn't ask for a better friend, right? Then I had a go at the Sexual style quiz and it rated me as Sweet. I have no idea how I feel about that, but it is definitely time to go home!

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