Thursday, 17 May 2007

Mid May

Hm, another month gone by, that wasn't very exciting...

Not sure what we've been up to, certainly not much worth writing home about! Our finances have finally recovered from the SA holiday, so we're starting to socialise again (lots of birthdays this month) and are dreaming of the next trip. Not sure where, but probably within Oz - skiing or sailing or something - it's such a big place you can actually choose between snow or 30 deg at the same time!

Of course, that's if we don't buy a house in the meantime, which looks unlikely. Househunting in Sydney SUCKS! I HATE it. Anything we like is totally out of our price range, and I'm fed up with spending all Saturday driving around looking at houses. Milord is still resisting looking in the cheap suburbs, so nasty little shoeboxes are all we see, and we STILL can't afford them... There is a place up for auction this weekend that we both mostly like, but I just know it's going to go for $50k more than we can consider spending. I don't even want to watch the bidding this time.


So the good news is that we're not doing much househunting this month ;-). Last weekend we visited friends of Milord's (Lucy, Peter and their little kids Charlotte and William) who live about 2 hours away south west. They have a huge property in the middle of nowhere, and the guest quarters are in a converted barn. It was glorious and private, and after a very late Friday night chatting with too much wine Milord and I didn't join the family in the main house until midday! Lucy is the best friend of m'Lord's ex-wife so I was on eggshells, but they were fine. I spent most of the time playing with the kiddies and kittens anyway. It was a good break, and lovely to get out of town.

This Saturday Milord is playing golf so we can't househunt, and next weekend he's away on a boy's drinking golf weekend. Fab, not only no househunting, but a girlie weekend ;-). I have decided to definitely break out the pencils and paper and attempt a sketch while he is away, I have no excuses now!

We have a girlfriend of mine, Angela, staying with us at the moment. She broke up with her bloke and needs a place to crash for a while. Looks like they're getting back together, but she'll be with us for the rest of the month probably while she sets the terms of the makeup. Long involved drama... makes me appreciate my nice steady normal fella (and hopefully him me)! She's a good houseguest though, washes up, feeds the cat when we're away, and hasn't complained about my cooking yet.

Work's pretty dull. I'm not sure I'll be renewing my contract at the end of June, I need a new challenge. That, or more money - we'll see what they say when the time comes!

My perm visa application continues. I finally passed the medicals after shelling out a fortune on specialists and tests. I have a benign kidney condition that causes thin membranes and sometimes blood in my urine. Genetic apparently, can't be fixed and has no symptoms or detrimental effects. I now just need my police clearances from the UK and SA and I'm sorted.

Um, what else? I'm gymming like crazy because the weight I lost before SA has insidiously crept back on. Firm fat, yay.

Hey, I don't think I ever told you how Milord's nose and throat apnoea (and snoring) operation turned out! Well, it's a great success. He hardly snores now, only on his back or when we've been boozing, and even then not too loud. When we keep off the grog for a few days he's as quiet as a mouse ;-). We've also recently changed the mattress for one with no bounce and I can't feel him turn over (used to nearly bounce me out of bed sometimes!), so my sleeping is the best it's been in over a year. I am a different person, and so is he - cheerful and full of energy. Fabulous.

That's it. How I write so much about so little I don't know ;-)

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