Wednesday, 20 June 2007


I need to do something drastic about my weight gain. I was heavy before winter started, and now that the days are short, and cold, and wet, I've gone into hibernation mode. Cue lots of eating and sleeping and long hot baths with a bottle of wine within reach. Slowly but surely I am packing on the blubber, and it must stop!

To this end I have convinced my friend Gillian to run the City2Surf Sydney fun run with me on the 12th August. It is 14km (about 9 miles), so really only twice around the Bay which I can do easily if very slowly at the moment.

Gillian is a petite, slender, energetic Irish girl with oodles of energy and the metabolism of a teenage boy. She has to eat all day long or else she'll waste away and faint. I, on the other hand, could probably forgo food for a month and not lose a kilo, my metabolism is so slow. (Milord has the same problem, and we joke that if we crashed on a desert island we'd still be wobbling around just fine after everyone else had died of starvation! And we'd have the resources to run away from them when they decided to eat us...)

I am not, and have never been, much of a runner. My heart rate seems to be faster than most folks when I run which means I have to run a lot slower than them or else I die. I wear a heart rate monitor and don't let my bpm go over a certain value, at which point I can sort of chat... apparently that's the sign of where you should be! It serves me well, I can go without stopping for ages and don't feel too awful afterwards.

Today Gillian and I went out for our first training run at lunchtime. There are a few parks near our office, so we picked a flat, roundish one and ran around the outside of it a few times to the great amusement of the blokes working on the new playground. I did my usual slow jog while Gillian sort of ran circles around me... she says she struggles to run so slow. I was having visions of "the tortoise and the hare". Be that as it may, she was soon puffed while I gently plodded on and we had to drop to a walk every so often.

We jogged twice around the park (in 20 min), then walked around it a final time. Including walking to and from the park we were out for 45 min. We're going to go again on Friday if it isn't raining, and then on Sunday we'll have a go at jogging the Bay.

By the 12th August we need to be able to run twice around the Bay without stopping! That's 7.5 weeks away and I'm sure we can do it ;-)

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