Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Got my visa!

YES yes yes yes!

Finally, after 8 months of paperwork and waiting I am the proud holder of a visa grant for a Skilled Independent Migration visa for Australia! Oh gosh I'm so excited! It's like waking up at Christmas to a mound of pressies under the tree!

All on my own merit, no mention of Milord anywhere in my application, all me me me ;-). I'm emphasizing that because some of his mates still think I am sponging off him, using him for a visa and financial gain. Not bloody likely!

I’ve always been on my own work visa, I earn the same as him, and I have more cash in the bank. We’re about to open a joint account and pool resources so that’s really immaterial, but people’s assumptions really bug me! m’Lord says to chill out, I have friends of my own who know me and that’s good enough. He’s right of course…

Now I just need to leave the country for somewhere with an Ozzie consulate to stick the visa into my passport, and return back on it. We're thinking of going skiing in New Zealand in August... I’ll just stick it on the credit card and figure it out later!

We had a nice celebratory evening last night - I went to the pub for a couple of drinks with a girlfriend then went home to find m’Lord waiting with a very expensive bottle of real champagne... then I cooked dinner and we watched a DVD - it was a school night after all!

Ah, what relief ;-)

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