Wednesday, 6 June 2007


I like to celebrate every month that I am in a relationship. Nothing huge, usually just dinner out and we take turns choosing where and paying. Anniversaries are of course still special, but they’re really just a bigger version of the montheversary – and oddly enough it makes the anniversary easier to remember with 11 months of reminder! I’ve just googled “montheversary” and it seems I’m not the only cheesy one out there ;-).

Milord had a little trouble with the concept at first, but I think he now really enjoys our monthly romantic fuss. He’s not big on the flowers/cards/etc stuff - in fact if I didn’t demand a card on Valentine’s I’d never get any - and he’s given me flowers exactly twice, and that was over a year ago. Before you start I do give him flowers too - I last gave him flowers on our anniversary in January (and a card too, but I’m mushy like that).

I also do Christmas cards, birthday cards, get well cards… I found this really cool site where you can customize your cards, even to the point of writing in them, and they print and post it for you. It is the same quality as a store-bought card, but personalized and so convenient! They have a UK branch too so I can organize cards for folk there within 2 days of an event (I miss Royal Mail).

Our montheversary date is the 7th of the month, and we count them from the 7th Jan 2006 - the day I landed in Sydney to start my new life with my darling man. We also pay respect to the 8th March as the anniversary of the day we met in 2005, but usually roll that up into the 7th March’s montheversary. And my birthday is on the 10th March, so that’s a pretty good week!

As of tomorrow Milord and I have shared 17 montheversaries. It’s my turn to take us out to dinner – I think we’ll try somewhere I haven’t been to in our high street.

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