Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Old News - Newsletter June 2007

I got my visa!

YES yes yes yes!

Finally, after 8 months of paperwork and waiting I am the proud holder of a visa grant for a Skilled Independent Migration visa! All on my own merit, no mention of Milord anywhere in my application, all me me me ;-). I'm emphasizing that because some of Milord's mates still think I am sponging off him, using him for a visa and financial gain. Not bloody likely!

Oh gosh I'm so excited! It's like waking up at christmas to a mound of pressies under the tree!

Now I just need to leave the country for somewhere with an Ozzie consulate to stick the visa into my passport, and return back on it. We're thinking of going skiing in NZ in August...

Might skip home early and crack the champagne...

La la llaaa la la woohoooo!

*big grin*

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