Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Still Sunny

I am still here, and life is still good! I really must get back into the blogging habit - I have plenty of time to do it...

My new job is great, even though I have gone backward in terms of technology and methodologies (it is a legacy system). Good money, great working environment and friendly people. Sadly, I'm in a state of limbo because they are finishing off a major release and the bugs are too ephemeral for me to help out much, so I spend a lot of time picking unimportant bugs out of the backlog and investigating them. It's pretty mindless, and they say we won't start new development until JULY!!!

I think I was hired to justify the budget going into the new financial year (I'm working for a government department) - just a bum in a seat. Oh well, I'm being paid a lot to do nothing!

Since I last wrote Milord had a birthday, we had a wedding anniversary and Easter. Lots of dinners and wine, lovely.

Which means I have put back on all the weight I lost coming up to my birthday. I'm trying to shake it off. I am closer to my gym at this job, so I am getting back into my 2 or 3 times a week workout routine.

I also decided to give a crash diet an attempt, instead of my usual Weightwatchers. "They" say that they lose like half a kilo a day on the protein shake diets, so that would be awesome, right? I should lose a dress size in a week! So, here I review Optifast and IsoWhey.

If you have arrived here to compare WW to IsoWhey, I used the old points for fruit to keep it fair. So that's 2 for a banana and 1 for an apple.
Optifast and Isowhey bars are both about 6 points. The IsoWhey shakes are 3 points before you add milk.
My WW points allowance is 26.

Last week I tried swapping out my breakfast for Optifast bars. These were disgusting - incredibly sweet and dense - and I was hungry again within a couple of hours! I thought the whole point of the protein meal-replacements was that you wouldn't be hungry until the next mealtime? The Optifast bars were so nasty that I didn't even try the shakes!

This week I'm trying IsoWhey products.

  • On Monday I had coffee at home (espresso shot with skimmed milk, 2 pt), then I had a shake with skimmed milk (5pt) for breakfast at 8:30am (coffee-flavor, quite nice) and I was tummy-growling hungry by 9:30am.
    I had a banana (2pt) and stuck it out until 1pm when I had a light salad and the berry-flavor protein bar (6pt. very nice, like an oversize normal muesli bar) and that kept me going until about 4pm when I ate 2 apples (2pt).
    I was bite-your-head-off hangry by the time I got home! Dinner was a lamb shank (9pt yum) and vegetables.
    Using the Weightwatchers points calculator I had used my normal points allowance of 26.

  • On Tuesday I had coffee at home (2pt), then half the chocolate protein bar (nice) at 8:30 and the other half at 9:30 (6pt).
    At 11am I was very hungry and I had a banana (2pt) and some carrot sticks. At 1pm I had a light salad and a soup made from the lamb shank sauce (2pt yum!).
    At 4pm I had the strawberry protein shake (5pt not bad) and an apple and I wasn't hangry when I got home.
    Dinner was a small portion of roast chicken (5pt) and lots of spicy roasted butternut pumpkin and peas (3pt).
    Again I used my normal points allowance.

  • Today: Coffee, berry protein bar, banana, carrot sticks.
    I am currently eating the light salad and will shortly go and heat up my lamb shank sauce soup.
    I will have a shake and an apple late afternoon and dinner will be a slice of two of roast lamb with veggies.
    This will take me to my normal points allowance.
    Edited to add: the banana shake is vile!

Verdict so far:
  1. I haven't seen any dramatic weight loss (the scale actually told me I'd gained half a kilo since Monday! I hope it is just the salty soups and veggies making me bloat).

  2. According to my Weightwatchers calculator I would have been consuming the same "points" anyway.

  3. I am WAY hungrier on these protein bars and shakes than I normally am when I eat eggs or chicken for breakfast and lunch.

  4. I seem to have less energy, but I'm not sure about this - it could be normal don't-feel-like-gymitis!

So, I am not very impressed yet. Weightwatchers would have had me eating the same amount of calories/nutrients/protein but in a far more satisfying way.

I wonder if this only works for the seriously overweight who normally overeat on mostly carbs? I am overweight by "only" 10kg and I normally eat a high-protein low-carb diet, so perhaps that's why I feel so hungry. I'm actually taking in less protein and more carbs with the shakes and bars!

If I don't see more than a half kilo loss on the scale on Friday (which sticking to Weightwatchers would have given me) then I'll have to call these protein crash diets a real dud. I'll let you know!

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