Saturday, 9 May 2015

Fruit Flies!

My new office has a fruit fly problem.

After a couple of days of having oodles of the little buggers turn up every time I ate something fruity at my desk I googled for a solution, and this has definitely worked for me:

Take a mug (or a used takeaway coffee cup or whatever. Not something glass unless you want to see dead flies... well, maybe you do!). Pour in an inch of vinegar or fruit juice (I am currently using cider vinegar. It just has to smell sweet and fermenty). Squirt in a little dishwashing liquid and stir. Fashion an inverted cone from paper and make a small hole at the bottom. Tape this over the top of your container.

The flies are attracted to the smell of the juice and enter through the hole in the cone (and will find it hard to find their way out again). If they land on the liquid then the soap will have reduced the surface tension so that they fall in and drown.

I went from 20 flies arriving per snack to perhaps one (sometimes none) within 2 weeks.

Pro tip: if you have something the flies adore (like a banana peel), leave it next to your fly trap for half an hour before throwing it away. The flies will hone in on the trap once they are in the area.

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