Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Newsletter March 2015

Hi all,
I have one hour left at my crappy job and then I am free! I have landed a new contracting job just a couple of blocks away. Double the money! Hourly pay! Paid overtime! I can't wait - it has been a very long 19 months. I start my new job on Monday so I will have a couple of days off to relax before jumping in the deep end again. 
So what else is news?
Milord got a promotion to COO a month ago and he is Very Happy. Lots more money too... we are both finally back to where we were before we had kids :-) 
We are celebrating by replacing everything that has worn out around the house during our dark time. New pots and pans! Whee! New lounge suite. Towels. Perhaps a car upgrade shortly from my poor scuffed and leaky runabout... awesome.
The kids are well. Princess started school in Feb (year 0) and she Loves It. 8 weeks along and she is picking up reading and writing at an amazing rate. King has moved into the oldest room of his daycare and we hope this will help him along with his speech and counting - he just isn't interested. It's funny how different siblings can be.
Milord has also joined the local golf club and plays a couple of times a week. His handicap is creeping down which pleases him a lot! And I am contemplating finding art or sculpture classes on the weekends - it's been years since I touched a paintbrush!
Since I last wrote:
We had a wonderful Christmas break. 4 days at home over Christmas and then a week at the coast. Christmas was just us at home with pressies and too much food. New Years Eve we were asleep by 10, woken briefly by fireworks at midnight, and then again by some idiot setting theirs off at 4am! The kids (and the fucking kookaburras!) get up at dawn no matter what, so you learn to sleep when you can. The kids loved the beach - we all did. Lots of sand and sea and sunshine and white wine spritzers. This year we hope to get a place with a pool too and perhaps stay an extra week. 
Work has been mental. I've been working long 6-day weeks for months now. Half an hour to go now... LOL.
Princess got glasses. We are little worried that she might still not be using both eyes at the same time, I will be taking her back to the specialist in May.
For my birthday Milord and I took the day off and spent the day around Canberra, visiting art galleries and eating good food with lots of fine wine, and we ended by spending the night in a posh hotel. Most decadent and it took a few days to recover!
Canberra is being good to us. I have a good feeling about the rest of the year!

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