Friday, 8 May 2015

IsoWhey Verdict

IsoWhey verdict after 4 days: Fail.

I seem to have lost no weight at all, and I've been very well behaved except for some wine on Wednesday. I far prefer WeightWatchers where I always lose weight if I stick to my points and I can eat real food rather than sweet shakes and bars.

If you love sugar and starchy carbs and are very overweight then this will probably work for you, but if you are already on a low-starch high-protein diet and are only a bit overweight then it probably won't do much.

PS. I know 4 days is a short time for a trial, but I also know that on WeightWatchers I would have lost at least half a kilo in 4 days. I was expecting better than that from IsoWhey.

PPS. After a bit of Google research I have found info that indicates that ingesting protein as a liquid does not make you feel full, which is why I was struggling so much when I replaced 5 points of chicken for lunch with 5 points of shake. Our bodies do not register liquid calories and still want solid food. The body building folk use protein shakes to bulk up! So be careful...

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