Monday, 11 May 2015


At my new job I have the biggest desk I've had in years! We are annoyingly restricted to only one monitor for eco-bongo reasons so that gives me more room than usual I suppose, but it is still a huge space.

We are open plan, but have quite high dividing "walls" - I have to stand up to see the person opposite me.

From left to right:

  • A small hanging shelf bearing:
    1. A pink and white African violet. This gets a few comments, they are quite unusual in Australia.
    2. Hand sanitiser
    3. Handcream
    4. A box of tissues
    5. A tin of sugarfree mints

  • A water bottle and a glass, and my coffee mug (with a red poppy pattern)

  • Desk phone

  • A pad of paper and a pen

  • My iPhone

  • In front of me: A computer, monitor and keyboard and mouse. I have a set of bud earphones plugged in to the computer and a small pot of lip balm sitting of top of it. Also a postit note with my user id (but never my password!!!)

  • A postit note pad, with a shopping list in progress on it.

  • A digital photo frame, which changes the picture every hour (currently showing King and Princess playing with toy golf clubs in a park). This turns itself off overnight and on weekends, good for the eco-bongos too!

  • Another small hanging shelf bearing:
    1. A box of teabags (being a government department we have to bring in our own tea, coffee, milk etc)
    2. A tube of Nespresso pods (although they do supply a Nespresso machine!)
    3. A fruit fly trap in a white coffee mug. I have seen no flies in the last 2 days!
    4. A blue plastic mesh bowl containing apples and bananas

  • Some detritus - an apple core and tissues - waiting to be taken to the kitchen bin. We have no rubbish bins at our desks.

  • A set of drawers containing handbag, flat shoes and muesli bars

  • Under my desk is a backpack with my gym kit

What does your desk look like?

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Suzanne said...

It is funny, I could share pictures (and have, on Facebook)!

My desk is L shaped. from my far left is a wire organizer that holds various folders for courses I'm developing, then a phone that is rarely used, a desk calendar, then my pc box with a TARDIS usb hub with two small Doctor Who figures. In the center are two monitors (very hard to develop our content without two), and underneath them is a stapler, tape dispenser bottle of lotion, and post it pad. To the right is a lamp, my water bottle, a bucket of sweets (that I did some vinyl on "take one, be happy') and a large dry erase board that is mainly there to help minimize my distractions.

Above is a shelf that has a bunch of Doctor Who figures, a vase with antenna toppers, a sign the hubby got my when I graduated with my BA, a coca cola bottle, a couple of cards from coworkers and some stress balls.