Friday, 10 January 2014


First week back at work, 3rd gym session of the year.

I've been a gym junkie for years, and when I became a stay-at-home-mum the regular workouts were one of the things I missed most.

Last November the ladies gym closest to work was having a joining special, so I signed up. I went pretty regularly considering my deadlines and the festive season, and now that everyone is back to work I'll get my gym routine back too.

I like to gym over lunchtime on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The gym is a brisk 15 min walk away, so I get a good warmup just getting there, and then I work out for 30 min, shower and walk gently back to work. This all takes a little longer than the approved lunch "hour", but I work longer than required hours most days, so whatever, bite me.

Each visit I'll do something different. On Monday I spent an hour on the floor doing core work - situps, planks etc. Wednesday I took my book along and did a solid half hour on the cross trainer. Today I joined a spin class.

I hurt all over! Hopefully as I get fitter I'll hurt less.

Ladies gyms are great. I've used a lot of gyms over the years and while I'll still let myself get sweaty and disgusting in a mixed gym, it matters less in a ladies gym. You also don't have that faint unsettling sense that you're being perved when you're fit or disrespected when you're fat. The equipment tends to stay a bit nicer too.

However, why is it that so many women will go into the toilet or shower cubicle to get changed? We're all the same, just get a scurry on and don't look and I won't look either. Stop hogging the toilets and showers - some of us actually need a wee or a shower!

Oh and you with the fit body and slutty undies standing around in the middle of the rest of us who are trying to get changed as fast as possible without looking? Just. Eff. Off.

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Janey said...

Oh boy, I do so agree with your final paragraph! Happy New Year to all the Family. Oh, and congrats on the soap-on-the-mirror thing. Great idea.