Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Good Thing, Bad Thing

Last night I was talking to Milord about Princess, and how when she comes home from daycare I always ask her what was the best thing that happened that day (drawing on the Smartboard), and also what was the worst thing (another kid kept hitting her).

This opens up communication so much better than "How was your day, and what did you do?", which in general seems to be answered by "Fine" and "Nothing" by most kids! We can talk about the good things, and explore the bad (why was the other kid hitting her, did she tell a grownup, what happened next [he was being a lion (!), yes, and the grownup stopped it]).

Milord was very impressed, but all credit goes to my eldest cousin who blogged about using this technique with her son. Yay, cuz!

I hope that by starting this sort of discussion at an early age we will keep the lines of communication open as my kids grow up and encounter more good things, and bad things.

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lisa said...

Thank you for the validation. It really made me smile that it works for you too. We STILL do it and he is 12 although he does it back to me and I find myself sometimes going fine or having to REALLY think. It really does. If only it worked with spouses! If you get that right - let me know YOUR trick!