Monday, 13 January 2014


I've left my gym kit at home. Bother.

That's probably because I was doing the daycare dropoff today and it's just mental trying to get us all out of the house by 7:30am! Mom has been in Brisbane for most of a week visiting a good friend for a proper holiday (ie no kids, dogsitting or house cleaning involved) lounging around a pool, so for the first time Milord and I have had to tough it out like normal working parents.

I get up at 6am (normally 7am) to shower and dress, then rouse the kids while Milord gets ready. We have a cup of coffee while trying to make the kids eat breakfast an hour earlier than usual, then hustle out the door at 7:30am. Milord goes straight to work and I drop the kids at daycare on my way. At 5pm Milord comes past my office and we swap cars. I work a bit longer while Milord picks up the kids and gets their dinner on, and I am home in time for bath and bedtime. We usually have them settled by 8pm, and collapse!

We did this routine last week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and by Friday night we were all exhausted and the kids were really acting up. After some decent catching up on sleep over the weekend they are back to their sweet selves thank goodness.

Mom comes home today, which means that from tomorrow we can all have an extra hour's sleep per night and the kids don't have such a long daycare day. They also don't have to go to daycare 5 days a week but get rest days at home (1 day a week at home for Princess, 2 days for King). Breakfast a bit later, dinner a bit earlier, and less of a frantic battle to get them up or to bed.

And fewer cleaning, laundry and cooking duties for me!

We have coped just fine and the house is clean and mostly tidy, but boy am I glad Mom is coming home. She is a real godsend.

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Heera said...

hi... one of your regular reader i am from India. just want to remind you...that there is no snaps of ur and kids from october ... :).... Keep going