Thursday, 30 January 2014


It is funny having a little girl who watches you all the time and wants to know "why" about everything you do.

Since going back to work 6 months ago I have started wearing makeup again, and in the mornings after my shower Princess loves to hand me my makeup items one by one. Foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow... For this Christmas just past I got her a set of cheap makeup to play with and she is thrilled, although the results tend to be somewhat startling!

Coming up for a reason for wearing makeup though... it's odd having to think about why I wear makeup (I was determined not to say "to look pretty"!):
"To look less tired."
"To make my skin look more pale and smooth (and then blush to put some colour back)."
"To make my eyes more interesting."

I consider my look fairly "natural" and my grooming routine quite low-maintenance, but even so here is what I do to myself:

  • Wash and condition my hair daily.
  • Style my hair with a touch of wax after every wash.
  • Colour my hair monthly.
  • Have my hair cut regularly.
  • Pluck my eyebrows into shape monthly.
  • Floss and scrub my teeth twice daily.
  • Wash my face with special facewash nightly.
  • Moisturise my face with night cream every night, and with lighter stuff after every shower.
  • Wear makeup out of the house.
  • Trim, file and buff my nails as required.
  • Moisturise my hands and cuticles with special handcream as required.
  • Shave my armpits a couple of times a week.
  • Use deodorant after every shower.
  • Trim and tidy my pubic hair occasionally.
  • Shave my legs a couple of times a week.
  • Pumice my heels as required.
  • Trim and file and buff my toenails as required.
  • Moisturise my feet with special footcream nightly.
  • Moisturise everywhere as required.


Did I say natural and low maintenance? What do the unnatural and high-maintenance chicks have to do?!

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