Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Things that go bump in the night

On Monday night at 3am Milord and I startled awake. Something was thumping and clawing its way down the side passage of the house... All our sensor lights activated and then everything went quiet.

"What the hell was that?!" said Milord.
"A cat?" said I.
"A f*ing big cat!" he replied.

We pulled on clothes and crept to the back of the house. The back yard was brilliantly lit by the sensor light. All looked normal... except for the torchlight flashing in the neighbour's yard.

Milord stepped out onto the front porch. "It's the police!" he exclaimed in relief. "They've caught somebody."

We didn't fancy going up to the commotion, but we surmise that the cops must have been chasing at least one person through the neighbourhood. Perhaps he scaled our locked 6-foot sidegate and ran into the backyard and then jumped the fence into the neighbour's place and so on. Perhaps a police dog was sent over the gate after him!

We lay awake for hours. I'm still a bit jumpy. Nothing quite like waking up to Cujo scrabbling under your bedroom window. Luckily the kids slept through everything!

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janey said...

PLEEEZE follow up on this one and let us know what it was all about! Aren't you dying of curiosity? I am! Love watching cop chases on Reality TV.