Monday, 5 November 2012

Squint Surgery

Princess has strabismus, or a squint, in both eyes. They both turn too hard inwards when she focuses on things, and as a result she has bad depth perception. You can see the issue without a flash in the reflections on her eyes. The reflections should be identical on the pupil. As you can see they are not quite right.

With a flash it is obvious, because one eye has redeye, and the other not the same.

It is getting worse, and something has to be done.

We have tried using glasses to get her eyes to align, but it hasn't helped at all.

The only other thing available to us is surgery. Seriously, there is nothing in between!

While the very idea of Princess undergoing major surgery gives me the heebie jeebies, the sooner we have it done the better her prognosis for good eyesight. So she is booked in for the procedure on Tuesday week - that's 8 days away.

Milord and I are not sleeping well. I lie awake for hours most nights from 2am... this morning I got back to sleep as the birds began chirping and woke at 6am feeling quite grotty!

In other news the kids are pretty awesome. King is desperate to get outside.

He is close to talking - we're pretty sure he says "car" on purpose. Also "uh-oh" for anything dropped. If I drop something in the kitchen I hear "uh-oh" from wherever King is!

King has a decent turn of speed in crawling now, and is considering pulling up to his feet. Then Princess will have to sit at the dining table to play iPad or watch movies on the laptop!

Speaking of the dining table, I have started giving the kids their meals there. It's a lot more comfy for me and Princess is strapped into a booster seat and can't wander off.

Both kids enjoy a whole peeled apple from time to time. It keeps King quiet for ages!

And they enjoy sharing a bath.

That's pretty much my life! It can be a little wearing, especially as Princess has dropped her afternoon nap and so I have no me-time except on her Kindy days. I wish we could afford to send her 3 times a week as she really loves it.


Nat said...

Hope it all goes OK next Tuesday! Thinking of you all...

greytonsal said...

Sad news about the necessity for surgery, but the sooner the better. Maybe this will help the wobblyness!I will be thinking of you on Tuesday and wish I could be there to help you. Great pics of the kids and I had to look twice at the very young one of Grace, I thought it was you! Hang in there and good luck! Lots of love to you all.

Suzanne said...

I'm glad you're doing something. I have amblyopia (where the eye turns out). Back when I was very little, the recommended treatment was eye patches.

What happens when untreated is that the brain cuts of the signal from the turning eye! I went from 20/20 vision as a very small girl, to 20/200 by the time I started school, and that was due to a huge blind spot.

Today, it has actually improved, but it wouldn't have been an issue if they'd offered surgery.

Good luck to Princess, but I'm sure it's more nerve inducing for you and Milord.