Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New Teeth!

King's top molars are finally breaking through. I think they and the bottom bumps still hurt a lot though, as he still can't "chew" on his food. Plus he is starting a new cold.


The good news is that he is now so hungry that he has come to terms with food off a spoon! I opened a jar of babyfood chicken risotto in desperation last night (I stocked up before I realised he wouldn't eat off a spoon) and he scoffed the lot! Plus Princess' roasted pumpkin and roasted zucchini. And today at the shops I tried him on one of those squeezy packs of yogurt and he slurped it in.

It is a little difficult to backtrack from finger food to soft food - I keep getting caught out with only chewy snacks on hand!

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greytonsal said...

Strange how things fix themselves given time!