Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Granny's Coming!

In just under 3 weeks my Mom is moving in with us!

She has retired from her job on the Isle of Man, left her rented apartment, sold her car and shipped a few boxes. It seems to be something she and I do every so often - uproot and take only the essentials to a new country!

I am very excited to have Mom moving in. She is going to be such a help with the kids, and will free me up to be able to get out and exercise a few times a week. One of us will be able to take Princess out when King is napping. With another pair of hands I could contemplate taking the kids to the beach...

Also, Mom can't stop herself cleaning and gardening and loves DIY! Milord is compiling a list of light jobs around the house which cannot be done with kids underfoot, so one of us can amuse the kids while the other does some sanding or painting or whatever. I know what I'd rather be doing - we'll have to take turns!

Plus of course, Mom and I get along famously. Milord likes her enormously and doesn't seem at all concerned that we will be 5 people in a 2-bedroom house! Mom is also an awesome Granny - the kids are so lucky.

Mom will probably be looking for part time work for a bit of sanity and pocket money after a couple of months of holiday. Once King is old enough to start school I will go back to full time work and we can look into buying Mom an apartment, and ourselves a bigger house, or maybe a house big enough for all of us. In the meantime we are going to be cosy!

With Mom here I could of course go back to work now (Mom did offer to take over the kids) but I don't want to. I have only one chance to be a stay-at-home-mum while my kids are small, and as appealing as the office might be some days I know I'd regret giving this up prematurely.

I am having fun with the kid's/Mom's room. Until recently we didn't know if we'd be moving to a bigger place (we can't afford to) so I have never decorated it. Now I can! This is the kid's side:

Those are oversize cot/beds, so should fit the kids for a couple more years. By then our circumstances will have changed or I shall get bunkbeds! The star wall lamps are new and Princess loves them.

And this is Mom's side:

It needs some work!

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greytonsal said...

The kid's side looks amazing! I am sure my side will be equally super soon! Can't wait!