Thursday, 15 November 2012

After Eye Surgery

Before: See how the dots of light on the pupils are not identically placed? This means Princess' eyes are not straight.

After: Identical! Straight eyes ta-dah!

Princess seems to be in surprisingly little discomfort, although I'm keeping her dosed with paracetamol anyway. She is very tired and has had naps in the day for the last couple of days, much to her disgust! On the whole she is quite cheerful and almost her normal self.

Her eyes are a little bloodshot and puffy, but not as much as I had been expecting.


In other news King is growing molars, poor baby. He's clingy and off his food. He has big bumps on his gums where they are coming through, and he finds chewing very difficult. As he still dislikes soft food off a spoon he's a bit hungry! He just gets down enough to take the edge off his hunger, and then spits everything else back out.

They are both a bit clingy right now. Yesterday I was carrying Princess when King grabbed me around the knee. She wouldn't let me put her down and he wouldn't let go. I felt like a caricature of a stay-at-home-mom!


Suzanne said...

Wow, what a difference!

Poor timing on the part of those molars, isn't it? Hope King and Princess are doing better soon.

greytonsal said...

Wow, such a difference to Princess's eyes. I wonder if she notices the difference from her side? Bad luck about the molars, these things never seem to come at the right time - if there is such a thing! Love to you all.

janey said...

Is it possible that the eye problem caused the balance problem, i.e. that she was wobbly because she could not easily judge distances?