Thursday, 1 March 2012


King is 6 months old yesterday! We celebrated by moving him into his sister's room.

King has been getting easier and easier to put to bed and to resettle lately. Partly because he's getting older maybe, but certainly a gentle application of control crying seems to have done the trick.

Yesterday I shuffled furniture around in Princess' room (now to be know as the Kid's room) and managed to squeeze in 2 cots, a double bed, change table, bookshelf, set of drawers and 2 portable wardrobes. You have to sidle around the double bed to get anywhere but it works!

When I put Princess to bed last night I warned her that King would be sleeping in her room that night ("Ooh yes please!") and that she'd have to be quiet when be brought him in (whispers: "Like this Mummy?!"). When I bought him in an hour after her bedtime she was still awake but did her best to be quiet as I put him down. He grumbled a little and then... they were both asleep! Wow.

Of course King then had the worst night in weeks. I think he has a cold - he was crying and snuffly. We resettled him until midnight when he drank a whole bottle, then resettled him until 5:30am when he drank another bottle and thankfully went back to sleep until 7am when Princess began singing.

Milord and I are a bit shattered, but Princess was really good about sleeping through most of it and going back to sleep when woken. Right now they are having a midday nap together... it's too good to be true!

Hmm, what else? We've tried solids and King hates them so far - I don't think he's ready. The look of horror and the shudder before he spits it out is extremely comical! He did do a serious nom on a teething rusk yesterday, but when it started flaking he spat the bits out. Fair enough - he's thriving on milk right now so there is no rush. I am happy to skip the gloopy stage and wait for him to pick up food.

Milord and I have our room back! We can access a whole new set of cupboards! It's awesome.

I've been slack with pics, but here are a couple:

Princess and King watching something on "her" laptop. King is too little to argue about what they're going to see. Yet.

And this is how we find King quite often. Poor little mite!

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waterbob said...

What a big step forward! It's a bit rough having to go that bit further to get to him when he's unsettled but it's lovely that Big Sis is so adaptable. Great pics and her hair is quite lovely - a bit like yours at that age.