Saturday, 17 March 2012


Ok, this is a week late. I have been busy. And tired. And my Dad is in a bad way...

Anyhoo, I turned 40 last Saturday and it was fabulous! My 2 oldest friends, who I met in South Africa at 17 while attending Art College, now live in Australia and flew in from Perth and Brisbane on the Friday.

We rented a flat down the road with a view of the Sydney skyline. In the evening a lady masseuse gave us each massages and we ate Turkish takeaway.

On Saturday, my birthday, I woke at 7am. For me this is a lie in! I had a coffee watching the sun come up over Sydney, and at 9:30 we met Milord and the kids at the train station. Princess loved being on a train! Until she got bored, anyway.

Then we took a ferry ride around the harbour. Princess loved being on a boat! Until she got bored, anyway.

Then we walked around to a restaurant with a view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge for brunch.

It was awesome. Princess went right past her naptime but was pretty good about it. Then train home for naptime...

To be Continued!


greytonsal said...

Lovely photos and so pleased that you had an unforgettable 40th!

waterbob said...

Looks as though you had a great day and superb evening. Hats off to the BIG Guy for coping so that you could enjoy your Ladies Night