Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mirena IUD Fail

Back in October I had the Mirena IUD inserted. It protects you from pregnancy for 5 years, and in many women your periods practically disappear. Awesome.

Well, it just wasn't working for me. I had heavy bleeding followed by constant spotting followed by bleeding and spotting and spotting and bleeding for 3 months. In January it started getting less and lighter, but I was still icky for 3 weeks out of 4. Plus Milord can feel the "string" and doesn't like it.

Today I had the Mirena removed and an Implanon (a rod of hormone) inserted under the skin of my arm. I've used Implanon before and loved it - the only reasons I went with Mirena this time is because Implanon only lasts 3 years vs Mirena's 5, and because removing it leaves slight scarring.

My GP says the Mirena seemed very low in my uterus and maybe it was being ineffective, causing spotting and probably not preventing pregnancy! Luckily (hah) what with all the ick, and us being so damn tired with 2 sick kids, there's not much danger of me being preggers...

I'm looking forward to the spotting going away for a few years soon. After all the time I spent on Depo, then Implanon, then pregnant twice, I find having to bleed every month most disconcerting!

I thought I'd write this TMI post for those women out there going through the same thing. These devices affect every one of us differently though - a friend went on Implanon after talking to me and gained 10kg! She's got her munchies under control now, but it was a struggle. I don't react to Implanon the same way, but I think it's because I have constant munchies anyway - I also didn't gain any unusual weight with Mirena except for a couple of Christmas kilos which are gone now.


lisaloo1 said...

Very interesting, I didn't know about the arm-insert option. I have had the mirena for 10 years and am up for renewal. Turning 41 in a week has made me realise that this should be my last one. I didn't have any of the problems that you experienced. Although I was told that it could be felt. My very expensive (ex fertility specialist) Gynae told me to communicate the lunacy of those comments back to the complainer. But I did have it repositioned.
Thanks for the info.

Suzanne said...

I had the Depo shot 2 weeks after having GameTeen. Please, please please, anyone reading this-wait until at least 6 weeks after having a C-section before getting Depo shots.

I had a DVT-partly due to having a clotting disorder, but the shot was probably a big contributor.

Glad you've got an alternative-and found out before you had a Mirena failure!