Monday, 6 February 2012

Your Royal Fix

Just haven't felt like posting... but there is plenty going on.

  • Princess stood up and walked unaided today for the first time! Woohoo!
  • Potty training is mostly going ok - nappies for naps and going out, lots of "Do you need a tinkle?" the rest of the time.
  • King is getting his first teeth.
  • King weighs about 10kg already! He's almost into size 1!!
  • King and Milord both had headcolds over the weekend. OMG.
  • Milord and I are off the booze for Feb - mainly to lose weight.
  • Our remortgage has been approved so we should be able to finish the renovation soon!


waterbob said...

Lovely pics and thrilling news about the ambulatory Grandgirl. Thanks for the fix.

Shona said...

Lovely update. The kIds look very contented. Princess will be on a roll now and probably be flat tack to get places now she has found her feet :o)

greytonsal said...

Great news that Princess has finally taken her first unaided steps! Now there will be no holding her back. The harness will come in handy now when shopping! King is gorgeous. Thanks for the photos. I so look forward to seeing the family!