Monday, 13 February 2012

Teething Sucks

Poor King. I was hoping he'd have a better teething experience than his sister, but it seems his new teeth are just as sore as hers were. At least we assume that's what is the matter - he can't exactly tell us why he's upset!

He's having a lot of trouble sleeping anywhere except our arms, and even then it is a battle as he whimpers and howls in discomfort. So of course he's tired and clingy and we are tired and fed up and by the time Milord came back from golf yesterday evening I snarled "Take. It. Off. Me!" as I'd had King on me for nearly 10 hours straight!

Painkillers help, and I have a chillable teething ring which would probably help if he only had the coordination to chomp on it... When King does manage a bit of sleep he is his usual sunny giggly self and we melt back into loving him unconditionally again, but in general it's a bit sucky.

And this is just the first pair of teeth... *sigh*


greytonsal said...

Just think - every kid and their parents go through this! Its a wonder the human race survives! Hang in there, it will soon be a distant memory.

waterbob said...

Sympathy and T-shirt.