Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Your Royal Fix

Because I can't give my Dad a hug, plenty of pics ;-)

King supervising the hanging of laundry on the back deck.

Having a big splash in the baby bath - he's almost too big for it!

Tummy Time.

In the bouncer - King loves this thing! He will bounce for ages and I keep finding him asleep in it - the only time he'll ever go to sleep on his own. The trick is to lift out the limp heavy fella and get him to bed without him waking too much!

Gotta lurve the sunnies! We get comments from everyone when she wears them. This is also Princess' fake camera smile...

A very ladylike babychino - she didn't spill a drop!

In the park sandpit.


waterbob said...

Thank you so much. Almost as good as a hug!!

greytonsal said...

Thank you, I agree with your Dad - I go all warm and fuzzy when I look at the photos!