Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Operation Bumwatch: Fail

I'm mulling over a post concerning the passing of one of my Dad's brothers last week and the recent diagnosis of cancer in another... but the meantime here's one about wee and poo!

So, the toilet training totally didn't work. The object of the exercise was for Princess to understand that she needed to tell me she needed a wee. She has such great communication skills that I really wasn't expecting a problem...

Princess got to the point where she'd hold a wee for ages, getting really squirmy, then she'd stand on her head to watch it come out. No amount of encouraging her to tell us, asking her if she needed a wee, or dancing and chocolate if we caught some in the potty made any impression. The closest we came to her telling us about her wee was a delighted "Oooo Puddle!" if we missed the event.

After 3 days cooped up indoors watching her little bare bum like a hawk, hoiking her onto a potty mid-wee, and mopping up wee and poo, I was shattered! It was a relief to put her nappy back on and allow her back onto laps and soft furnishings, and to let her roam off out of sight.

To be honest, she probably wasn't ready for this style of toilet training. She doesn't mind a full to leaking nappy and never tells me when she's doing a poo. On the positive side she doesn't mind sitting on the potty and if we get the timing right she'll happily wee and poo there.

My options now are either to mix nappies and potty training - taking her to the potty at set times during the day, or to leave it and try the bare bum thing again in a few weeks. I'll think about it... right now I'm not in the mood for anything potty-related!


Suzanne said...

This is one of those things that has to be on Princess' timetable. My oldest was ready a full year before we got him out of the nappies. He just refused to use the toilet, even with being dry overnight for ages. (It was the sound of the toilet flushing-it hurt his ears.)

She'll use the toilet before college, I promise!

waterbob said...

I had difficulties with the 3 day concept. Lovely New Age touchy feely stuff but kids live in the real world. Great story though!

greytonsal said...

Well, I am still a great believer on set times and plonking them on the potty every hour until they click. Also a pair of panties that feel disgusting when wet helps a great deal. But, never mind, she will eventually decide to be trained in her own time. She now has a mind of her own, which does not help!