Sunday, 15 January 2012

Operation Bumwatch

We are on day 3 of attempting "3 Day Toilet Training" with Princess.


The theory is: you let your kid go bare below the waist, feed them lots of fluids, keep an eagle eye on them to catch the signs that they are about to wee etc, and whisk them onto the potty/loo when they start. If any wee actually makes it into the receptacle there is celebrating and rewards. By day 3 your toddler should recognise the need to wee and will tell you in time to avoid accidents. Nappies are still used during sleep.

Milord took time off work and turned down golf to help me.

It is dawn on day 3, Princess will be awake soon, and I have serious doubts that we will have any success by the end of today. I'm pretty sure that she is getting to know the feeling of a bladder/bowel about to let go, but it just seems to fascinate her more than anything: we know something is immanent when she stands on her head to watch it happen!

It is doing my head in and thank heavens we don't have carpet.


Nat said...

Bit of a bum job ;-) Hope it all works out OK...

greytonsal said...

You may feel that you do not know your arse from your elbow, but hang in there, it will eventually happen. I think little panties which feel dreadful when wet helped you to get to the potty fast! I am pretty sure it took longer than 3 days though, with accidents happening later on as well! Keep mopping and good luck!