Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Nearly a week late... RuralChick and her family decided to cancel their New Year's plans and stay home, so we stayed on with them until after New Year.

It was a lovely change of scene, but we were all utterly exhausted and very happy to come home on Monday - sharing a room with both kids and no curtains means that every day begins at dawn. Which is at 5am if you were wondering. While King usually wakes for a feed about then, Princess normally sleeps until 7am. Not with the sun up and Mummy feeding King she doesn't! Then of course it is still broad daylight at 7pm when Princess goes to bed, so she plays in the cot until it is dark. And day naps are pretty short too...

King can sleep anywhere, but an abundance of cuddly adults and playful children meant that he had very little chillout time while awake and he got steadily more twitchy.

Princess can't sleep through Milord's snoring and screams like monsters are in the room, so he got evicted and slept on couches and in kid's beds.

I merely had to deal with double dawn starts and later nights than usual, plus very little solitude - without which I too get somewhat twitchy after a while!

Having said that, I didn't have to cook or clean for a week which was lovely! Milord had friends to stay up late with, King charmed everyone and Princess was overwhelmed with toys and exploring.

It was surprisingly cold - the whole of December has been cool, and at RuralChick's elevation it rarely broke 20C during the day and I had the kids rugged up for winter at night! I didn't mind, but it was nice to come home to warmer weather... much warmer weather!

We've been home 4 nights and are all just about caught up on sleep (well, as much as you can with a 4-month-old!).

Today King had a checkup and his 4-month vaccinations... he was really good and hardly cried, and Princess took no notice at all - I had been more worried about her than him! King is 8.5kg - that's just about off the scale! His height is also nearly off the scale, so he's a proportional Big Boy which is ok. "He's thriving nicely" says the doctor. Oh, yes indeedy!

King sleeps an 8 to 10 hour stretch at night now, and beginning to settle earlier and earlier - he is usually asleep by 9pm. While this means his dawn feeds can be quite early, it is very nice to have kid-free time in the evening! King is a great smiler and started chuckling a couple of weeks ago which is adorable. He gets lots of tickles because I love hearing him giggle!



waterbob said...

Great pics and I just heard the chuckle. Fantastic fix! Thanks.

greytonssal said...

Lovely photos and King's chuckle is gorgeous! He is going to be a giant! So one little delicate flower and one whopping big boy! Great! Keep the photos coming and Happy New Year to you all!