Saturday, 12 November 2011

Your Royal Fix

King in his Bumbo chair. He lasts about 10 minutes while slowly wilting to the side...

He is a lot more comfy supervising the kitchen from his playmat!

Princess has to try everything too of course (she also lies in the playmat sometimes).

Princess loves painting and drawing, which is great because so do I and it's brilliant on a wet or too-hot day. And I can do it with King in a carrier or in one arm if necessary!

Also pencils.

And marker pens. Yes, she appears to be left handed - we don't know where that's come from!

When drawing gets dull we might mess with stickers.

...or we can just play with the pen lids!


greytonsal said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely photos! Thank you, we have been missing them and dying for you to have a bit of time to blog them. A gorgeous family and doesn't King resemble his dad!

Cait said...

Princess is her aunty cait's baby. Thats why she left handed & talented. I see the king is ruling the castle. Poor (queen) you.