Monday, 28 November 2011

The Princess

I'm working on a post about the King, so in the meantime here is a post about my Princess!

Princess is a delight. Bright, funny and very sweet. She counts to 20 easily, strings long sentences, and understands choice and negotiation. "Would you like x or y?" "If you wee on the potty you can have a sweetie." "Finish your broccoli and then you can get down."

Edit: That's finger paint on her face. She is grubby not hurt!

Princess has now "fallen in love" with her baby brother. She says "Hi James!" when she sees him and wants to gently touch him and hold his hand. She tells people he is her "Baby Brother!" and lets me know that he is crying/sleeping/yawning etc.

Princess already has the hang of Daddy's iPad. Seriously.

Working on her Emo look already...

Princess is fascinated with water. We let her "Play Puddles" on the side deck.

I go to a few playgrounds and playgroups and Princess is really good around other kids. Actually she mostly ignores them, but I prefer that to the hitting/snatching/pushing stuff I see the others doing.

While Princess still isn't quite walking she can stand alone for short periods and can walk across our lounge (from Mummy to the sweetie on the couch). I think it is now a matter of confidence. I've seen her recover her balance surprisingly well sometime - she just has to do it all the time!

Here comes BatGirl!

Watch out world!


lisaloo1 said...

She really is gorgeous!

Nat said...

Such a sweetie :-) Looking so like her mum!

greytonsal said...

Lovely photos, makes you feel like you are there with her. Her sense of humour shows too! Nice that she is gentle and loving with King, though that is her natural way of being. A gentle loving soul. We now need a video of her strolling/hurtling across the lounge for her smartie! Also some smiley photos of King, I can't wait to see his little crooked smile again. So cute!

janey said...

How did she get that mark over her right eye? Looks like a real eina!